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Get Bid or estimate from a metal roof specialist that services the Delaware area. Trusted & local Pros. To save you time we have required & ask our Metal Roofing Alliance Pro's a 15-point questionaire reviewed by our staff. Upon our staffs approval, we refer the best contractor in your area to give you an estimate.

At our site you can easily request an estimate or research different types of steel or metal roofing products. Just contact us and we will match you with a Delaware specialist contractor that is an installer of any type of Metal Roofing Systems. Where do you need a Metal Roof Installer? Free Estimate serving all of Delmarva & Delaware by Delmarva Metal Roofing - Mr. Eric Becker HOME

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Types Metal Roofs

  • Materials
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc alloys are all materials used for metal roofing. Each has different properties that affect durability, price, and appearance.Contact Us: Get Quote

  • Aluminum Roofing
  • Aluminum metal roofing is ideal for Delaware coastal applications and other areas where steel might be in danger. Get Quote

  • Galvalume Steel Roofing
  • Because aluminum roofing itself is a very corrosion-resistant metal, galvalume steel roofing is also very corrosion resistant. And the aluminum/zinc alloy provides barrier protection, as opposed to galvanic. Get Quote

  • Galvanized Steel Roofing
  • In the metal roofing industry, galvanized steel is used more often than any other metal and is available in most metal roofing profiles. It is lower cost than most other metals. Great to apply on garden sheds! Get Quote

  • Copper Roofing
  • Copper roofing is generally recognized as one of the most attractive metal roofing options. Due to the high cost it is mainly used for accents over bay windows, dormers, or other areas where a touch of elegance is desired. And on historic buildings, and church steeples. As cooper ages it because quite charmful. Get Quote

We take pride in knowing that contractors do the job right, leave a clean site & get it right the first time! As an estate owner, it is always up to you to ask the roofing contractor for their license and insurance information. And it is up to you to make sure all your property repairs or remodeling issues are properly permitted in your county. See Delaware Code Online

We require & ask our Metal Roofing Alliance Pro's a 15-point questionaire.

Our 15-Point Questions:

  1. Are you licensed in the state of Delaware?
  2. Are you correctly insured to do contracting business in the state of Delaware?
  3. Do you offer warranties on the products you use?
  4. Do offer guarantees on your work?
  5. Do you provide great customer service to your customers?
  6. Are you able to be contacted at any given time for estimates or complaints?
  7. Do you understand the guidelines for helping your customers with gaining legal home improvement permits?
  8. What kind of payment methods do you accept from your customers?
  9. What kind of certificates have you received in your line of business?
  10. How many years of experiences do you have doing this kind of general contracting business?
  11. Are you ok with customers referring you to their friends or/and leaving a review at our site?
  12. Do you offer any type of discount to veterans or seniors?
  13. Do you offer complimentary roofing estimates?
  14. What areas of Delaware do you provide roofing service to?
  15. Are you looking to hire extra roofing staff?

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